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ALPHIE started out in Vegard Kvamme Holum's bedroom. From here he created a vast amount of music which only existed on his laptop for many years. In 2014 an indie orchestra started to emerge around The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, and Holum's music came to life. After playing some exclusive concerts, ALPHIE went into the studio in 2015 to record their first album. This resulted in 6 original songs which combines Holum's diverse compositions with Ina Sagstuens lyrics and dynamic vocal.

The music draws inspiration from sophisticated american punk, alternative rock, nordic indiepop and improvised music. Atmospherical surroundings consisting of horns, voice and floating guitars on top off riffs, beats and insistent synths creates dreamy indiepop with an edge. 

The bandmembers consist of 8 young musicians which, despite their age, has gained a lot of attention and experience in a variety of genres. They are mostly based out of the improvisational scene, and brings their individualities into the music which creates a multi-layered sound based on the open frames of the compositions.

The bandname, ALPHIE, is inspired by Vegard Kvamme Holum's grampa, Alf Kvamme. He which was a musician and conductor in marching bands his whole life, which he also received His Majesty The King's Medal of Honor for his life-long achievement. He was a big role model for bandleader Vegard growing up, and was an important reason for him to pursue a musical career. ALPHIE is a tribute to this great man, and an attempt to lead his legacy on with a different kind of marching band.

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