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Our first single released!

Our first single is finally released!

"Silent Song" is a dreamy indietune with a hint of nostalgia which encourages you to just take a break, breathe and notice yourself and your surroundings.

The song is Alphie's first release at the Norwegian indielabel Vilje, anticipating a second single in January and the full album during the spring of 2018.

Find your preferred platform for listening here:

Following the singlerelease 23rd of November we also released a stop motion music video made by the Norwegian artist Sigurd Ytre-Arne. Both for the video and for the cover we used pictures from an old photoalbum from the childhood of bandleader Vegard´s mother. As the bandname is inspired by Vegard's grandfather we found these old photos a perfect match to the atmosphere of the music.

Stay tuned for more music early 2018!

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