Towards Alphie´s upcoming album 17.08 i will share small stories from the life of my grandfather Alf Kvamme connected to our song titles.

My grandfather Alf Kvamme´ s STORY started in 1920 on the small island Kvamsøy, on the west coast of Norway. He grew up in a big family surrounded by beautif

ul nature and music. Their home was a musical meeting place. There were always people going in and out singing and playing different kinds of music.

Kvamsøy managed to establish a marching band very early, even though it was a small place. This was because one of the locals had been in America, and when he came back after WW1 he brought with him a bunch of leftover instruments from the military bands. This gave grandfather an early interest for all kinds of instruments and music, and started his lifelong love for marching bands.