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Alphie´s Theme

When Alf first came to Folkestad after the war he quickly established their first marching band. As the other small towns around was struggling to do the same he helped them out and quickly was involved with 3-4 bands. These later merged and became one big marching band.

Grampa spent most of his days working with music on top of his regular job. As a conductor he did not take out salary, he did it purely out of passion. He was one of the pioneers in bringing different genres into the marching band. He tried various arrangements in jazz, classical and contemporary music constantly chasing the perfect melody.

In 2000, he received His Majesty the King ́s Medal of Honor for his life-long work with marching bands.

He also composed and arranged himself, but I dont know if he ever made his very own theme. As a small and very deserved tribute I named our only instrumental on the album ALPHIE ́S THEME.

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